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Abi and Pippa have some of the most gorgeous pieces and are the kindest ladies you will ever meet! They are gorgeous gals who make timely pieces for your little babes.

Libby Connolly

We love our Bill & Mae pieces! We've got both ends covered: the bib especially fits very well and we can't get enough of our double sided bucket hat! 5 out of 5 from us! Oh and a bonus that everything you buy has been up-cycled!

Jodi Taylor

The Pinacolada pants are the best! Such a cool couple of girls that have an awesome business. As a non-mum it's great to be able to buy quality clothes for friends' kids as well as for myself. Cute clothes, eco products, the best people, what more could ya want.

Jess Munro

Eco. Easy. Excellent.

We are passionate about bringing you treasures that are sustainably hand made, easy to use and of a tip-top standard. All our goods are hand made by Abi in her off-the-grid Central Otago home. Our designs are put through the Bill-test before hitting the shelves to make sure they are durable and easy for busy mums to care for.

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