Product care

One of the beautiful things about our products is that they are easy to look after.

All our products can be chucked into your normal wash cycle. Below are some tips for getting the most out of your purchase, but seriously, you do what suits you.


We get how annoying it is to have to do seven different washes for 12 items of clothing. That is why we put priority in durable clothing.

Most of our products can handle hot 60oc washes (to get rid of tough stains) unless stated otherwise.

Keep in mind that hot washes definitely fade fabric so cold or warm washes are recommended where possible to lengthen the life of your treasures!


Reusable wipes


Our reusable wipes are designed for bottoms, hands and faces. (use two different designs if you want to be able to differentiate between bum ones and ‘everything else’ ones.)

The wipes are cotton so can withstand hot 60oC washes. If you are just using them for hands, faces and general mop-ups, a warm wash is recommended.  

If you are using the wipes for bums, they must be cleaned in long, hot washes (pop them in with your reusable nappies and use the Clean Cloth Nappies Guidelines) …They are pretty dirty washing! 




Bibs consist of cotton poplin (prewashed) and up-cycled terry towel. We recommend cold/warm washes with your favourite detergent.

Do not bleach.




Made from cotton poplin, these bloomers thrive in cold and warm washes.

Do not bleach.




Our rompers are made from cotton lycra and include a merino wool lining (to keep the babes cozy). We recommend washing on a cold wash with wool wash detergent.

Do not bleach or tumble dry. 


Reusable pads


When you first receive the pads, we advise to give them a quick wash. Not just for sanitary reasons but it also boosts the absorbency of the bamboo lining.  

For washing during your period, rinse with COLD water after use until the water runs clear. Blood is a protein so requires cold water to un-bond it from the fabrics. After, it can be put in your next wash – warm or hot.  

All fabrics used in pads are also used in our nappies so can withstand temperatures of 60oc no problem.

Do not bleach. 


Pants and shorties


Made from denim and cotton lycra, our pants and shorties thrive in cold and warm washes.

Do not bleach.