Hikurangi Print

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A beautiful print of the initial piece of the North Island. 

The legend:

In Māori mythology, Hikurangi was the first part of the North Island to emerge when Māui, an ancestor of Ngāti Porou, pulled it as a giant fish from the ocean. Māui's waka, Nukutaimemeha, became stranded on the mountain, and lies petrified near the mountain's summit. Another of Ngāti Porou's ancestors, Paikea, is also associated with the mountain. According to legend, Paikea's younger half-brother, Ruatapu, attempted to kill about 70 of his older brothers at sea in Hawaiki to exact revenge on his father for belittling him as a low-born son of a slave. The massacre, called Te Huripūreiata, was survived only by Paikea, who called on the sea gods and ancestors to save him. Paikea travelled to New Zealand on the back of a whale, but Ruatapu sent a great flood, called Te Tai a Ruatapu, to kill the survivors in Aotearoa. Hikurangi became a refuge for the people from this deluge.


You will receive a digital copy to print at home. We recommend printing on 300gsm card or higher for best results.