Kahurāniki Print

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A beautiful print of a gorgeous Hawke's Bay mountain.

The legend:

From Patangata and Pukehou Marae comes the story of the male mountains of Kauehei and Kahurānaki. Both maunga wanted to marry Kohinerakau (Mt Erin), the forest maiden. Kohinerakau was having difficulty deciding between her two suitors, so she asked Te Mata to see who was more worthy. Te Mata found that Kahurānaki was the hugest, tallest and most majestic so arranged to have him stay closest to her. Kauehei on the other hand was much more senior and wiser and was given the title “the old man”. Over time, Te Mata grew obsessed with Kohinerakau. Eventually, he reached a solution. While Kahurānaki could stay closest to Kohinerakau he would be separated by the Tukituki river so he could look at her, but not touch. Kauehei on the other hand could remain on the same side of the river but was moved 15 kilometres to the south so was also out of reach.



You will receive a digital copy to print at home. We recommend printing on 300gsm card or higher for best results.