Mount Edgecumbe Print (English/Te Reo)

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A beautiful print of the backdrop to Kawerau.

The legend:

There are a few legends associated with Pūtauaki – all revolving around loves lost. Legend has it that Pūtauaki was involved in a fight for Pīhanga, and after losing to Tongariro, fled to his current position in Kawerau. Becoming lonely, he began a troubled relationship with Tarawera. After years of difficulties, Pūtauaki saw the beautiful Whakaari, and they fell in love. One night, Pūtauaki decided to travel to Whakaari, leaving Tarawera and their son behind. It is said that a mountain can only move once in their life and only at night so Pūtauaki had to travel across the land fast. He heard a whimper and realised his son was following him. He tried to tell his son to stay with Tarawera but the little mountain would not leave his father. The sun rose and froze the two mountains where they were. When Tarawera saw that her husband had left, she started to weep and her tears created the Tarawera Falls and river.



You will receive a digital copy to print at home. We recommend printing on 300gsm card or higher for best results.