Oberon Dribblers

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Here at Bill and Mae we get that babies dribble...a lot!

Enter...our dribble bibs!

These bandana-style bibs are fashionable and practical!  

Pop them on to catch those inadvertent dribbles, while also making a terrific fashion statement.  

If that doesn’t sell you, how about the fact that these bibs use upcycled terry-towels? Terry-towel fabric is super absorbent and instead of buying new, we sanitise pre-loved towels to keep that circular economy going! 

What’s not to love! 



    • One size fits all 
    • Double dome fastening allows for some adjustment 


    • Cotton front
    • Terry towel* backing for absorbency 
*The towels are stripped and sanitised in accordance with the Clean Cloth Nappies Guidelines before being upcycled.