Small Reusable Pads

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Say goodbye to supermarket pads and hello to these beauties! 

These reusable pads are a blessing during your cycle, or just for every-day wear in those few weeks straight after your little muchkin has entered the world. They are comfy, absorbent and super easy to use and clean.  

Each gram of bamboo fleece has the ability to absorb 5ml of liquid! For our small pads that’s a whopping 35ml! Each bamboo fleece core is boosted with two additional layers of cotton flannelette which adds to the overall absorbency of the pad. Domed wings keep them in place, making these gems small but mighty!

We love natural fibres anyway, but they are great for pads because they are breathable and absorbent! 

The pads can be chucked in the wash with the nappies, or rinsed and added to your normal clothes wash.  

These have been tried and rated by mums and non-mums alike!  



 Size Absorbency Length
Small 35mL (7 teaspoons) 20 cm (8")


  • PUL backing for undie protection (floral)
  • Bamboo fleece core and flannelette booster for absorbency
  • Flannelette upper for comfort

Why to buy reusable pads:

  • Reduce your impact on the environment  
  • Save $$$ long term 
  • They are COMFORTABLE – so comfy that you can forget you’re wearing them!
  • No more chemicals and toxins around one of your most sensitive body parts!
  • Natural fibres like bamboo and cotton breath