Te Mata Print

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A beautiful print of the iconic Hawke's Bay peak.

The legend: 

The well-recited legend of Te Mata Peak portrays the hill as the body of the chief Rongokako. Many centuries ago the people living in pa on the Heretaunga Plains were under constant threat of war from the coastal tribes of Waimarama. At a gathering, a kuia suggested a plan. Hinerakau, the beautiful daughter of a Pakipaki chief, was the key. She would get the leader of the Waimarama tribes, a giant named Te Mata, to fall in love with her, turning his thoughts from war to peace. But she too fell in love. The people of Heretaunga wanted revenge and demanded that Hinerakau make Te Mata prove his devotion by performing several impossible tasks. Te Mata amazingly completed the first tasks, however the last task was great. He was told to bite his way through the hills between the coast and the plains so that people could come and go with greater ease. Te Mata died proving his love when he choked on the earth of Te Mata Peak and today his half-accomplished work can be seen in the hills in what is known as Pari Karangaranga (echoing cliffs). His lying silhouette can be seen in the ridge-line of Te Mata Peak.



You will receive a digital copy to print at home. We recommend printing on 300gsm card or higher for best results.